Hal Urban

Hal Urban was a high school teacher for many years and also taught at the University of San Francisco. He is a well-known leader in the Character Education movement and is in constant demand as a speaker at national conferences and school and community events. He raised three sons as a single father and now lives in Redwood City, California, with his wife, Cathy.

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The 10 Commandments of Common Sense
Las grandes lecciones de la vida (Life's Greatest Lessons)
Choices That Change Lives
Positive Words, Powerful Results
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November 16, 2008

Many people think authors spend most of their time reading and writing.  Not so.  We actually do other things, all of them a lot more fun than writing.  I’ve been asked to write about “something special that makes my heart sing.”  Playing softball does that for me.  In fact, I’ve already told my wife Cathy that after I die, I’d like my ashes to be spread at the softball field.  Well, not all of them.  I want some of them spread at Nordstrom so I know she’ll come to visit me at least once a week.


I was blessed with good size and some athletic ability, so sports... see more