My glamorous glamorous life

February 18, 2009
Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. While some interesting writing-related things occurred in my life today--I received an Advance Review Copy of BREAK, and, oh my God, my book is a book, and I'm on page 121 of my current project--right now I'm being absorbed by another, very real part of my life. In fact, he is staring at me from the back of another book as we speak. He's black and white, he's grainy, yes, ladies and gentlemen--he's George Orwell. --Reeeeead me, Hannah...-- But I find you hideously boring. 1984 is sitting on the bed beside me. Right next to Break. It's like the mean older brother.--Ha ha, this is what a reaaaaal book looks like.-- --Reeeeead me,'ll fail the teeeeeest, Hannah...-- I wonder if anyone will ever be assigned my book for a class. I wonder if they'll dread reading it. I should write a disclaimer for the front--IF SOMEONE IS MAKING YOU READ THIS AGAINST YOUR OWN VOLITION, CALL ME IMMEDIATELY. I WILL SAVE YOU. I AM NOT GEORGE ORWELL.