Society for American Baseball Research

The Society for American Baseball Research is a thirty-five-year-old nonprofit organization whose 7,200 members include university professors; television commentators; baseball journalists; Major League executives; great writers and historians such as Bill James, Andrew Zimbalist, John Thorn, and Alan Schwarz; and former players such as Stan Musial, Larry Dierker, and Jim Bouton. SABR publishes several annuals, including The National Pastime and the Baseball Research Journal, which Sports Illustrated called
"a sort of Antioch Review for the diamond set."

Books by this Author

From the authority on baseball research and statistics comes a vast and fascinating compendium of unique baseball lists and records.

The SABR Baseball List & Record Book is an expansive collection of pitching, hitting, fielding, home run, team, and rookie records not available online or in any other book. This is a treasure trove of baseball history for statistically minded baseball fans that's also packed with intriguing marginalia. For instance, on July...