Supernatural: A Hunter's Lessons From the Road

By: Sam Winchester

Supernatural: A Hunter's Lessons From the Road

Relive Supernatural’s most memorable places, haunts, and hunts through Sam Winchester’s personal road trip journal.

For years, the Winchester brothers have traveled all over the country chasing supernatural creatures. Supernatural: A Hunter's Lessons From the Road takes the reader on a journey to some of the most memorable places Sam and Dean have hunted, made enemies and allies, and ate some pie. This handy guidebook features notes, sketches, and photos to bring wannabe hunters up to speed on everything from ghosts and demons to Sam and Dean’s favorite weaponry and diners. Look back on the highlights of Supernatural’s fourteen-year journey from Sam Winchester’s perspective (with colorful commentary from Dean) through his meticulously kept journal of where they went, what they saw, and what they hunted.

So, hop in the car, sit back, enjoy the ride, and remember: Driver picks the music.
  • Insight Editions | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781683830245 | 
  • March 2020
List Price $19.99 (price may vary by retailer)
Ships on or around March 3, 2020

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