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Offering a variety of advice for tapping into your creative voice, sharing your work online, and honing your writing skills, You/Poet shows you how to express yourself creatively through the art of poetry.

You may think that writing poetry requires a specific set of skills. You may have read books on writing poetry that were stuffy and full of strict rules and regulations. But You/Poet proves that all you need to be a poet is the desire to share your inner thoughts and emotions with the world. Let HerHeartPoetry—an online poetry community, Instagram, digital zine, and poetry press—take you on a journey of self-discovery and surprise, and show you how to embrace the world of writing poetry with arms wide open.

Writing poetry is an act of bravery. It’s just you, your thoughts and feelings, and the words you choose to express them. You/Poet can help you do just that. With encouragement and advice on poetry writing basics, how to identify your unique creative voice, and prompts and exercises to help you channel your thoughts and emotions through writing, this all-in-one guide will help you share your talent with the world.
  • Adams Media | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781507208342 | 
  • September 2018
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About the Authors

Rayna Hutchison

Rayna Hutchison is the founder and creator of Her Heart Poetry, an online poetry community, digital zine, and now poetry press. The digital community @HerHeartPoetry is one of Instagram’ s fastest growing online poetry accounts, and the zine,, attracts thousands of visitors a month. Since her love of poetry began when she was a teenager, Rayna has written numerous original pieces of work, is a published poet and writer, and a passionate poetry junkie. As curator of @HerHeartPoetry on Instagram she has made multiple connections with new and experienced poets, both published and unpublished from all over the world, and demonstrated her commitment to helping others make the most of their poetry journey.


Samuel Blake

Samuel Blake has written hundreds of original poems, filled countless notebooks, has had work published in both printed and online publications, and is the Editor in Chief of HerHeartPoety. The best part about Samuel, though (other than his writing), is his motto, repeated like a mantra to anyone who has come to him looking for help in becoming an accomplished writer: “Happy to help!”