Secrets of American History

Take a tour of the action, adventure, and intrigue—and things like shark repellant and secret messages—that helped form and protect the country we call home in this nonfiction Ready-to-Read series.

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Secrets of American History Collection

This collection of six Level 3 Ready-to-Reads is filled with fascinating true stories of American History from the Colonial era to the Space Age!

The action-packed Secrets of American History series teaches readers that history is full of surprises! Want to know what invisible ink has to do with the American Revolution? Or why inflatable army tanks were used in World War II? Did you know that Julia Child helped invent shark repellant for the US? Or why can’t you bring a sandwich to the moon? Find out in this fact-filled series of fascinating true tales, wild adventures, and spy missions, and discover the surprising side of American history!

A special section at the back of each book includes bonus content on subjects like science, social studies, and math, activities like a recipe for invisible ink and a secret code, and more. There are even fun quizzes so readers can test themselves to see what they’ve learned! Learning about history has never been so much...

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Laurie Calkhoven

Laurie Calkhoven is the author of many books, including George Washington: An American Life and Harriet Tubman: Leading the Way to Freedom. She lives in New York City. Visit her at


Elizabeth Dennis

Elizabeth Dennis grew up in Arizona, where she loved finding teeny, tiny, fairy-sized wildflowers in the desert and seeing double rainbows over the mountains. Nowadays, she lives in New York City and writes and edits books for children, and still loves flowers, nature, and double rainbows!

Patricia Lakin
© Patricia Lakin

Patricia Lakin

Patricia Lakin, a former elementary school teacher and an award-winning author, has written more than fifty published works. Her books, both fiction and nonfiction, span multiple age groups—from toddlers to middle graders. Patricia lives in New York City with her husband, Lee Koenigsberg. They have two grown sons, Aaron and Benjahmin. When not reading, writing, or researching, she can be found traveling with Lee to far-off places in the world.


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