Maryland State Reading Lists

2016 - 2017 Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee

The Map Trap
Illustrated by: Dan Andreasen
This edition: Hardcover, 144 pages
Publication date: July 22, 2014
Ages: 8 - 12

This map-tastic middle grade story from Andrew Clements gives the phrase “uncharted territory” a whole new meaning!Alton Barnes loves maps. He’s loved...

Stella by Starlight
This edition: Hardcover, 336 pages
Publication date: January 6, 2015
Ages: 9 - 13

When the Ku Klux Klan’s unwelcome reappearance rattles Stella’s segregated southern town, bravery battles prejudice in this Depression-era tour de...

No Summit out of Sight
The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits
This edition: Hardcover, 368 pages
Publication date: May 6, 2014
Ages: 12 - 99

Jordan Romero climbed Mount Everest at age thirteen—and he didn’t stop there. In this inspiring young adult memoir, he tells how he achieved such great...

2015 - 2016 Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee

The Tooth Fairy Wars
Illustrated by: Jake Parker
This edition: Hardcover, 40 pages
Publication date: July 15, 2014
Ages: 4 - 8

It’s the Tooth Fairy against Nathan, a boy who’d rather keep his tooth than get the cash, thank you very much!Nathan’s lost his first tooth! And he’s...

Half a World Away
This edition: Hardcover, 240 pages
Publication date: September 2, 2014
Ages: 10 - 14

A kid who considers himself an epic fail discovers the transformative power of love when he deals with adoption in this novel from Cynthia Kadohata,...

The Boundless
Illustrated by: Jim Tierney
This edition: Hardcover, 336 pages
Publication date: April 22, 2014
Ages: 8 - 12

All aboard for an action-packed escapade from the internationally bestselling author of Airborne and the Silverwing trilogy.The Boundless, the greatest...

The Boy on the Wooden Box
How the Impossible Became Possible . . . on Schindler's List
This edition: Hardcover, 240 pages
Publication date: August 27, 2013
Ages: 9 - 14

In the #1 New York Times bestseller, Leon Leyson (born Leib Lezjon) was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and his family was forced to...

This edition: Hardcover, 352 pages
Publication date: April 8, 2014
Ages: 14 - 99

2014 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALISTTravis Coates has a good head…on someone else’s shoulders. A touching, hilarious, and wholly original coming-of-age...