Dugald A. Steer

About The Author

Dugald Steer started his career in book publishing as an editor and in-house writer for Templar Publishing, He has since gone on to become a full-time writer and has written numerous books on the subject of myths and legends, including Mythical Mazes, Scary Fairies, An Accidental Christmas, Just One More Story, and The Night Tiger among others. 

He is also the author of the hugely successful 'Ology series which includes Dragonology (writing as Dr. Ernest Drake), Egyptology (as Emily Sands), Wizardology (as the wizard Merlin!), and Pirateology (as Capt. William Lubber) as well as the 'Ology handbooks, and the Dragonology Pocket Adventures.

Books by Dugald A. Steer