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Joshua Werner

About The Author

"Joshua Werner is an author and illustrator living in Michigan, as well as the CCO of Ox Eye Media. He's written such popular books and short stories as The Brutality of Fact, Adoration for the Dead, The Invention, Osiris, and Rampant. As an illustrator Josh has done artwork for several licensed characters and properties, including Transformers, Doctor Who, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Deadworld, Warlord of Mars, Vampirella, Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead 2, and others. He has numerous comic book credits across several titles as a colorist, letterer, editor, writer, and artist.
 He's also worked in the film industry, appearing in movies and shows such as Schism, Replicator, The Monster Show, The Sonnet Project, Consigned to Oblivion, Chair Gang, Friday Night Death Slot, Vampirism Bites, and others, as well as numerous Youtube shorts. He holds Art Department and producing credits on other films as well, including The Dark Below, Mimesis: Nosferatu, and Rottentail. Find him on twitter at, and watch him on Tik Tok at"