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A Tale as Tall as Jacob


A charming and poignant debut graphic novel chronicling the emotional journey of two siblings told through funny vignettes, anecdotes, and beautiful illustrations, as a young girl struggles to understand, accept, and support her remarkable little brother as he adapts to life with ADHD.

When Jacob is born, Samantha is excited to have a normal little brother to play with. But expectations are quickly shattered as he grows into something...else. Something loud. Something strong. Something chaotic. Something unstoppable. Nothing about Jacob is normal and so nothing in Samantha’s life is either, despite the fact that normalcy is all she wants. As Samantha struggles to get along with her little brother and survive his daily shenanigans, sweet moments of lighthearted fun surface to remind her—and the reader—that loving your family for who they are isn't so complicated after all.