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Chess Opening Traps, Tricks & Quick Kills


The chess player’s guide to opening traps, tricks and quick kills.

This is the chess player’s venom to defend against popular traps, pitfalls, and quick kills faced by beginning and intermediate chess players right out of the opening—and how to use these clever traps against unwary opponents as well! Opening traps are the single most crippling stratagem used by tough opponents, that is, for unprepared players. This book, completely redesigned and formerly titled Survive & Beat Annoying Chess Openings, shows players how to handle these traps as both Black and White to defend and to attack the annoying variations opponents will often choose instead of the well-known main lines. For key openings, the authors provide two separate remedies to appeal to both the attacking and positional player.  Unique charts and graphics make learning these remedies easy and fun!

John Watson is an International Master and author of many chess books including the award-winning Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy and Mastering the Chess Openings. Eric Schiller is the best-selling author of 100 chess books. 

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