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Color 100 Calming Passages

Illustrated by Lisa Magano

Calm comes to those who color.

Allow calm to enter your mind and body as you consider each affirming quote, and then color in the surrounding pattern on 100 pages of serene designs. There are many health benefits to being calm and focused, and the activity of coloring can help settle an overactive mind. As you Color 100 Calming Passages, you will soon realize the positive effects of this rewarding and stress-busting activity.

Charlotte Legris is a French author who specializes in self-help. Her main goal when writing is adapting the great principles of positive psychology to everyday life, and making it accessible to all. In her opinion, coloring is an excellent way of meditating—it is repetitive, creative, meticulous, and gratifying.

Based in Paris, France, Lisa Magano is a young and talented illustrator who is very interested in drawings and patterns. All of her drawings are drawn by hand first. Her “Messages à colorier” series was launched in France in May 2014 and has become a huge success both in France and internationally (more than 400,000 copies sold in France, rights sold in 10 languages). She is also very interested in fashion.

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