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Cook Anime, Volume 2

A Seasonal Matsuri—from Dorayaki to Soba

Part of Cook Anime

Celebrate the seasons, holidays, and every day with these delicious dishes from your favorite anime in this second volume of mouthwatering recipes.

Take a culinary trip through the seasons and enjoy the holiday and festival food seen in anime! Japanese animation is filled with meals and treats that are connected with festivals and observances, and you can discover how to make them right at home.

Embark on this foodie journey with an anime fan and home cook and find out what your favorite characters are eating on holidays, and every day! So whether you are craving the oden from One-Punch Man, Sugimoto’s favorite food hoshigaki from Golden Kamuy, or the doughnuts from Trigun, this is the book for you. Along with each recipe, you will discover fun facts behind the food, such as anime and culinary history, Japanese culture, cooking tips, and more. This guide helps you make the meals you’ve always wanted to try from your favorite Japanese art form.

Diana Ault has been crafting stories, conducting kitchen experiments, and cozying up with anime since she was very young. She began her blog, Fiction-Food Café, focusing on food found in books, movies, TV shows, and video games, in early 2013. Her recipes have been included in Easy Eats: A Bee a Puppycat CookbookHyrule: Taste of the Wild fanzine, and several other fandom food projects. The author of Cook Anime, Diana currently resides in Germany with her husband and daughter. 

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