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Disney Puppy Dog Pals: Take Me Out to the Pug Game

Adapted by Megan Roth / Illustrated by Adam Devaney
Published by Studio Fun International
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Get ready to spin and peek on a citywide adventure with Bingo and Rolly!

When Bingo and Rolly accidentally lose Bob’s prized baseball, they go on a wild pup chase around the city to get it back! With peek-through windows and die-cut surprises, this fun book is perfect for keeping little fingers busy. 

Adam Devaney has enjoyed working as an illustrator for the the past 15 years. With more than 100 children’s books published, he still enjoys the challenges that illustrating brings in creating new properties for publication. Adam received his formal art training at the Laguna Art Institute in Laguna Beach, California. He also enjoys working in the movie industry as a production designer and editor. He has received many awards, including an Emmy, for his work in film.

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