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Everything Dies

Illustrated by Charlotte Gastaut
Published by Downtown Bookworks
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

This is a beautiful, reassuring book about how death is mourned, celebrated, and experienced in different cultures around the world.

Everything Dies explores the meaning of death by establishing it as a natural part of the life cycle. In simple language accompanied by beautiful illustrations, the book offers many different approaches to mourning loss—and celebrating life—from around the world, giving readers a wide range of relatable entry points. A section on how animals seem to grieve and care for their dead—from chimpanzees who hold their own form of wakes, to elephants who guard their matriarch's remains, to crows who bury their dead with sticks—provides solace, underscoring the universal nature of grief. An overview of customs and rituals from around the world includes music, dancing and lavish meals as well as planting gardens and building shrines.

Fascinating details about rituals from every corner of the world noramlizes and eases the grieving process, and also open the door to conversation between children and their grownups.