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Follow the Wind

Tales from the Caddy Yard


Welcome to The Club -- Golf's Valhalla -- where all that's necessary for admission is an intense love of the game. Here you'll watch the greatest players replay their victories...and their they search for golf's hidden and seemingly inaccessible meaning.
Like W.P. Kinsella's Shoeless Joe -- the basis for the movie Field of Dreams -- Follow the Wind is sports fantasy at its finest and most poignant. A young man following an errant shot into the woods emerges on a totally unfamiliar golf course. The first person he encounters is the legendary Ben Hogan, feverishly practicing for something special.
As Links weaves his tale, introducing such golfing greats as Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Alister MacKenzie, and the famous nineteenth century Scottish champions Old and Young Tom Morris, he recreates the most momentous events in golfing history and captures the magic that has lured millions to the fairway. For fans of Harvey Penick's books and for everyone who has searched for inspiration on the golf course, Follow the Wind offers the satisfaction of a perfect shot that soars for the flagstick.

Alix Madrigal San Francisco Chronicle An...otherworldly paean to the game of golf...all put together with a winning sweetness and a true love for the game.

Washington Post Book World A lush magical fans will relish...

Harvey Penick Bo Links certainly knows his golf, and he shows it in a story that reflects the best the game has to offer.

Robert Trent Jones [Follow the Wind has] so cleverly captured the romance, the folklore, and the mysticism of the game that I couldn't put it down...[it] hooked me and I had to play the full 18!

Ben Hogan The man was so sick so long, and fought it so successfully, that I think we have finally discovered the secret of Jone's success. It was the strength of his mind.

Tommy Bolt Somebody asked me once, "Who's better -- Nicklaus or Hogan?" Well, my answer was, I saw Nicklaus watch Hogan practice, but I never saw Hogan watch Nicklaus practice.