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Girls' Night In Party Placemats

More than 375 exciting conversation starters and icebreakers to entertain your BFFs and party guests


It's Girls' Night In--no kids, no men, no rules! Make your next girls’ night unforgettable with these elegant conversation-starting additions.  

Girls' Night In's beautifully illustrated placemats are designed with your ladies' night in mind, with more than 375 questions at the ready from the start of champagne and appetizers, through dinner and dessert. There's no shuffling or
rearranging required, just good food and good conversation! These pleasing placemats will brighten up any table, and
add an alluring touch of flair to your next ladies' night. With 24 different placemats, you can entertain crowds from
two to two dozen! Here's just a sample:
*Which celebrity was your teen heartthrob?
*What's the worst dress you've worn as a bridesmaid?
*If you had to go to jail, who would you want as your cellmate?
*How old were you when you truly felt like "yourself"?
*Did you ever have a "summer love"?
It's provocative! It's creative! It's decorative! And most of all, it's FUN! It's Girls' Night In!

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