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God Bless America

The Origins of Over 1,500 Patriotic Words and Phrases

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The Queen’s English has no place across the pond, where a long history of defiance, creativity, and originality has made its way into the everyday vocabulary of Americans coast-to-coast. God Bless America is an informative and entertaining guide to the meaning and history beneath our uniquely American words and phrases. Robert Hendrickson makes it clear that whether you’re ordering “fried chicken” or heading out to see a “movie,” you are celebrating contributions to the English language made by Americans, both famous and forgotten. With extensive research and a passion for language, Hendrickson furthers our understanding of the familiar and introduces us to the more obscure artifacts of American speech.

God Bless America provides the definitions and background for many uniquely American phrases and terms, such as:

• Bald eagle
• Boston baked beans
• Five-and-ten
• Give ’em hell
• Lazy Susan
• Sho’ nuff
• Yankee Doodle
• And more!

A dictionary packed full of historical accounts, etymological peculiarities, and imaginative spirit, God Bless America represents not only the American language but also the American people. This book provides an undeniable resource for travelers, patriots, and Anglophiles from all walks of life.

Robert Hendrickson is the author of more than twenty-five books including American Literary Anecdotes and God Bless America: The Origins of Over 1,500 Patriotic Words and Phrases. He has a deep-rooted love for the English language. He lives in Peconic, New York.

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