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A Relationship Guide, Getting to Know Your Higher Power

Published by Hazelden Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A down-to-earth, funny guide to building an authentic lifelong relationship with one's Higher Power.

Do you find yourself trying to find your Higher Power in other people? Are you so focused on the pursuit of success that you neglect your spiritual life? Do you see God as distant and unconcerned with your daily affairs? A down-to-earth guide to building an authentic lifelong relationship with one's Higher Power, God: A Relationship Guide reveals that--no matter how limited we believe we are in our capacity for love--God is ready to meet us halfway and to love us just as we are. We must simply learn to look within ourselves and invite God into our everyday lives to find grace.Similar to being courted, falling in love, and getting married, building an authentic relationship with God involves trust and lifelong dedication. Spiritual director and psychologist Judith E. Turian draws from her personal experiences and professional training to show us how to take a risk and let God in, get comfortable with God as a friend and companion, find joy and comfort in being around God, and deal with having the inevitable second thoughts about sustaining the relationship. Each stage is illustrated by personal, often humorous stories from the author's life and spiritual journey as she has grown in her relationship with the God of her understanding.