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IA London Mini Notebook Collection

Published by Flame Tree Gift
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

IA London Mini Notebook Collection features a set of three mini, foiled and ruled notebooks, each with a different beautiful design - Beautiful Decay, Symptoms of Gravity and IA With a sturdy cover and rounded corners, they are perfect to be carried everywhere!

IA LONDON is an avant-garde fashion brand founded in 2016 by Cambridge-based designer and creative director Ira Avezov, who begins her design process by creating a series of hand-painted digital works. This stunning artwork is taken from a collection of beautiful paintings of flowers based on the metaphoric interpretation of gravity as aging and decay, titled The Symptoms of Gravity. These incredible images have been digitally altered to appear as if they are being pulled into the ground, not only by gravity but also by the passage of time.

Flame Tree: The Art of Fine Gifts.

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