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Infused Water and Ice

Pump Up Your Agua with Over 100 Recipes!

Published by Cider Mill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

DRINK MORE WATER!  Boost your hydration with over 100 refreshing concoctions that are as tasty as they are healthy!

Up your hydration game with Infused Waters and Ice, the ultimate collection of fruit, flower, vegetable, and herb infusions! Packed with over 100 creative and refreshing recipes, this book has something for you - whether you are looking to boost your metabolism, enhance your energy levels, aid digestion, or simply add a little extra glow to your skin!  From fruits and flowers to herbs and spices, this book features delicious and unexpected flavor combinations of infused water, ice cubes, and mocktails for your guests to enjoy! Here are just a few of the flavor combinations you'll discover:
*Citrus Fizz
*Cucumber Mint
*Raspberry Jalapeño Sparkler
*Lemon Lavender
*Pear Anise
*Chai Cider
*Blackberry Lime
*Cinnamon Coffee
*Apple Fennel
*Vanilla Cinnamon Orange
*Coconut Key Lime
*Kiwi Melon
*Cucumber Pear Rosemary
*Ginger Green Tea
*Orange Chai
*Classic Shirley Temple
*Cherry Almond
*Pineapple Mint
*Lemon Rosewater
*Mixed Berry


Amy Hunter is a culinary arts graduate, and has been writing about and photographing food for the past 10 years. She has ghostwritten numerous cookbooks, written blog posts for various brands and companies, and has spent hundreds of hours testing recipes with products like avocado oil and sea salt. When she is not cooking in her kitchen, she is traveling the world, seeing a Broadway musical, or spending time with her husband and dog.

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