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Inside Congress

The Shocking Scandals, Corruption, and Abuse of Po


From the author of Inside the White House comes a revealing behind-the-scenes account of Congress with details from eyewitnesses on the scandals, corruption, and abuse of power behind the scenes of Capitol Hill.

Now more than ever, Congress runs the United States—but who is running Congress?

Award-winning journalist Ronald Kessler reveals the shocking—even tragic—answer to that question with insight from over 350 interviews with Capitol Hill insiders.

Here are the sex scandals, dirty financial details, and abuses of power that make up the deepest, darkest secrets of Congress, including admissions from members themselves that money has corrupted them, yet they refuse to change the system.

Meticulously documented and chock-full of sizzling revelations, Inside Congress gives readers the scandalous truths their senators and representatives don’t want them to know.

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