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Keto Plus


  • Dr. Limansky has used biohacking and a ketogenic lifestyle for the past decade on himself, his family, and multiple clients. He has seen the immense power of keto as the basis for healing diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. By adding in various biohacking techniques, he has been able to increase the effectiveness of ketogenic nutrition and enhance the response. The real-world results he has seen in himself and his patients inspired him to bring to the masses a book that will help them find a road map to optimal health through his methods and “hacks.”
  • This book is a hybrid of the keto diet and biohacking. A fantastic resource, it lays out the science behind each biohack and shows how to implement them into a ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Each chapter offers a clear explanation of a different biohack and how to integrate it with the keto diet to maximize health benefits.
  • The book is laid out as if were a conversation between doctor and patient (that is, between Limansky and Moore), making it easy to understand and apply to everyday life. This setup also gives readers tools for better communication with their doctors, helping them identify problems, discuss them in depth, and suggest treatment methods based on the takeaways from Dr. Limansky’s work.
  • The book features experiments that show actionable information and real-time results. The authors are documenting these experiments on social media/blogs.
  • The book offers a “ketohacking” protocol for readers to follow to take advantage of the information in the book.
  • Both Moore and Limansky have a strong keto following. Limansky reaches a broader audience with patients, CEOs, business leaders, and those looking to improve their efficiency at work and in business through his protocol.
  • Both authors will promote the book on their social platforms, at events/conferences, at speaking engagements, on websites/blogs, and through their podcast, Ketohacking MD.

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