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No Malto Left Behind!

Illustrated by Patrick Spaziante

About The Book

Transformers: EarthSpark is a kids animated series from Nickelodeon and Hasbro introducing the first Transformers bots to be born on Earth, streaming on Paramount+!

Robby and Mo get themselves into trouble while Dot, Bumblebee, and their Terran siblings are out on a secret mission in this action-packed chapter book featuring an all-new original story based on Transformers: EarthSpark!

Robby and Mo are super bummed—their Terran siblings are going on a top-secret undercover mission with Bumblebee, but they have to stay behind to finish a book report. Even though they are stuck at home, Robby and Mo decide to make their day a lot more interesting with a little help from Nightshade’s Smart Trainer 5008. But when the Smart Trainer spins out of control, Robby and Mo must think about what responsibility really means. Since they got themselves into trouble, can they find a way out on their own?

TRANSFORMERS © 2024 Hasbro. Transformers: EarthSpark TV series © 2024 Hasbro/Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.






  Standing next to the Transformers robot Bumblebee, Dot Malto faced her seven children and said, “Listen up, Maltos. Optimus Prime has given us a mission!”


  The Malto children included Mo, her brother Robby, and their Terran siblings: Twitch, Thrash, Hashtag, Nightshade, and Jawbreaker. They had been playing tag outside the large barn on their family’s farm, but now they gave their full attention to their mother and Bumblebee. Their father, Alex Malto, stepped out of the house and asked, “What’s going on?”


  Bumblebee said, “Optimus Prime believes that one of Mandroid’s Arachnamechs is on the loose and possibly hiding in some nearby woods. He wants us to track the Arachnamech and, if possible, capture it.”



  “Wow!” Mo got excited. “We’re going on a real mission!”


  “Hang on,” Alex Malto said. He looked at Dot. “Two of our children have book reports that are due tomorrow.”


  Dot frowned as she turned to Robby and Mo. “I’m sorry, but you know the family rules about schoolwork. You’ll have to stay here with Dad.”



  “But that’s not fair!” Robby said. “If the Terrans can go on a mission with you, Mo and I should be able to go too!”


  Dot shook her head. “No, your education comes first. And today, finishing homework is your mission.”


  On their arms, Robby and Mo wore Cyber-Sleeves, devices that emotionally connected them with the Terrans. As the Cyber-Sleeves glowed blue, Hashtag said, “Whoa. I feel like I just got splashed by a wave of sadness.”



  “We’re all feeling it,” Twitch said. Turning to Mo and Robby, she said, “This mission probably won’t take long. Try to finish your book reports before we get back, and then we’ll have more time to play.”


  “Speaking of time,” Bumblebee said, “let’s not waste any!” He rapidly changed into his sleek yellow sports car alt mode. Dot climbed into her park ranger truck. Twitch quickly converted into her fierce red drone alt mode. Thrash switched into his silver motorcycle alt mode and positioned himself next to Bumblebee, who revved his engine, ready to race off. Hashtag converted into her surveillance van alt mode. Nightshade quickly changed into their mighty owl alt mode, as Jawbreaker converted into his Stygimoloch alt mode and readied his claws into the ground, prepared to leap through the forest. Bumblebee tore out of the driveway, followed by Dot’s truck and the Terrans.



  Watching the convoy take off, Robby said, “We’ve literally been left behind!”


  “Yeah,” Mo agreed, “Terrans have all the fun!”


  “Fun?!” Alex said. “The Terrans are tracking an enemy robot, but you two make it sound like they’re off playing games without you. And is it the Terrans’ fault that your homework isn’t finished?”


  Mo sighed. “No, Dad.”


  “It’s our own fault,” Robby said.


  “Hey, here’s an idea that may make you happy,” Alex said. “While you do homework, how about I cook up a batch of Filipino lumpia?”


  “I love lumpia!” Mo said.


  As Robby and Mo followed Alex into the house, Robby leaned close to Mo and whispered, “I know a way we can help the Terrans and also get our homework done faster.”


  “Really?” Mo whispered back.


  “Really,” Robby said. “Wait until you hear my idea!”




About The Author

Ryder Windham is a science fiction author who has written over sixty Star Wars books as well as titles for the Indiana Jones and Transformers franchises.

About The Illustrator

Patrick Spaziante is an American comic book artist and children’s book illustrator known for his work for Archie Comics, in particular his interior pencil and cover work for Sonic the HedgehogSonic X, and Sonic Universe.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon Spotlight (May 7, 2024)
  • Length: 64 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781665951845
  • Grades: P - 3
  • Ages: 4 - 8

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