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Out of This World Collector's Set

Journey to Pluto; Starry, Starry Night; Mission to the Moon!; Sunspot's Night Out; Every Day Is Earth Day; Water, Water Everywhere


Journey around the universe with Jet Propulsion and his friends in this boxed set of Level 2 Ready-to-Reads based on popular episodes of PBS’s hit show Ready Jet Go!

This space-tastic collection takes readers on a trip through the galaxy, from the constellations to Pluto, and teaches them about the first moon walk, how to navigate using the North Star, and more!

Blast off with the included books:
Journey to Pluto
Starry Starry Night
Mission to the Moon!
Sunspot’s Night Out
Every Day Is Earth Day
Water Water Everywhere

© Copyright 2020 Jet Propulsion, LLC. Ready Jet Go! is a registered trademark of Jet Propulsion, LLC.

Jordan D. Brown loves to write about science for kids, and is the author of Micro ManiaCrazy Concoctions, and Robo World. He’s also the educational advisor for TV shows such as Dinosaur Train and My Little Pony. Jordan lives in Walker Valley, New York, with his wife Ellen, two children, and two dogs.

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