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PPI PE Power Practice Problems, 4th Edition – Over 400 Electrical Engineering Practice Problems for the NCEES PE Electrical Power Exam

Published by PPI a Kaplan Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
LIST PRICE $175.00

Comprehensive Practice for the NCEES PE Electrical Power Exams

PE Power Practice Problems, Fourth Edition by John A. Camara, PE has undergone an intensive transformation to ensure focused practice on the new NCEES PE Electrical Power computer-based test (CBT). The only resource examinees can use during the test will be the NCEES PE Power Reference Handbook and the specified codes. To succeed on exam day, you need to know how to solve problems using that resource. This electrical engineering book makes that connection for you by using NCEES PE Electrical and Computer Power equations in both the problems and solutions.
Topics Covered:

  • Circuits: Analysis; Devices and Power Electronic Circuits
  • General Power Engineering: Measurement and Instrumentation; Applications; Codes and Standards
  • Rotating Machines and Electric Power Devices: Induction and Synchronous Machines; Electric Power Devices
  • Transmission and Distribution: Power System Analysis; Protection
New features Include:
  • Curated high priority exam-like questions
  • Step-by-step solutions demonstrate how to solve using NCEES handbook equations
  • All NCEES equations are highlighted in blue for quick access
  • All problems can be solved using NCEES Handbook
  • Problem and chapters align with PE Power Reference Manual so you can review and practice easily
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: PPI, a Kaplan Company

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