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Play Smart Skill Builders Age 3+

Preschool Activity Workbook with Stickers for Toddlers Ages 3, 4, 5: Build Focus and Pen-control Skills: Tracing, Mazes, Matching Games, and More (Full Color Pages)

Part of Play Smart
Published by Gakken
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

What's the Play Smart secret? Learning should be fun!


  • 70 pages includes over 80 stickers, and a wipe-clean activity board
  • For ages 3-5
  • 8.25" x 11.875" 

Play Smart Skill Builders Age 3+ is the perfect workbook to strengthen children’s hand-eye coordination and focus. Through tracing curves, angles, and shapes, children develop and improve the pencil skills that become the foundation for writing letters and picture drawing. Chock-full of fun-first, age-appropriate activities such as tracing and counting games, these pages keep kids thoroughly entertained while they learn important skills from focus, perception and vocabulary to reasoning and pre-math skills—all important for helping kids prepare for lifelong learning!


What’s Play Smart Workbooks 
  • Over 48 million Play Smart Workbooks sold worldwide.
  • Educational method with over 60 years of experience.
  • Age appropriate activities: Activities are carefully developed to match the level of specific age group.
  • Step-by-step method: The instruction and the activity gradually get challenging throughout the workbook.
  • Wide variety of activities: Variety of activities from different approaches help children strengthen critical thinking skills and creativity, which help them to be able to solve practical problems on their own. It also helps keep their interest and focus.
  • Stickers: Uses stickers within the context of certain activities and also as rewards for completed work to keep children motivated.
  • 4 colors throughout the book with variety of fun illustrations: The cute and colorful illustrations engage children in activities. Fun illustrations help children understand the activities without reading the instructions.
  • Support children’s learning: “To Parents” sections explain the effective ways for parents to support children’s learning.
  • School readiness: Children can acquire basic academic skills before entering preschool.
  • Play Smart Series has won National Parenting Product Awards, Family Choice Award and Mom’s Choice Awards®.


About Gakken 

Gakken is the number 1 educational publisher in Japan. Founded in 1946 by Hideto Furuoka, the mission of Gakken has always been to produce fun-first, educational materials for children.

Gakken is well-known to Asian families for its bestselling workbooks. Gakken is also well-respected in academic circles - publishing popular teaching materials for preschools, kindergartens, and primary schools. In addition to its substantial publishing business, Gakken also runs 14,000 learning centers called “Gakken Classrooms” and operates nursery schools - all inspired by the successful formula used in their workbooks.

Play Smart’s philosophy rewards success and builds confidence. Created by educational experts, this award-winning Play Smart series uses Gakken’s unique fun-first method of completing age-appropriate activities that are progressively more challenging, building on small achievements, and fostering an eagerness to learn. The variety of activities leads to creative problem-solving skills and prepares children for the journey of lifelong learning.



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