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Recess to Reset Journal for Kids

Fun Ways to Be Happy, Healthy, and Find Your True Superpower!

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

    About The Book

    A daily journal to help kids practice gratitude, improve self-esteem and self-confidence, and make good choices!
    This is a guided journal for kids to charge up all the positive stuff they already have inside. It will empower them to tap into their true SUPER power, and unlock their unique and awesome gifts. Recess with Sandy is a safe place where kids can have a blast, be creative, and dream big while saying what they really need to get out and discover fun ways to express themselves.
    No matter your age, sometimes we all get anxious or uncomfortable—or even sad, angry, or frustrated! Those emotions don’t feel very good, but they are totally normal! How we express those feelings is what really matters. In Recess to Reset we will show you several different ways you can train that brain to get back on track and also how to be brave and strong and stand up for yourself in a kind and bold way. You’ll learn how to highlight your own SUPER power! Because you are:

    Recess to Reset is meant to inspire kids to see all that is possible for them, no matter their situation. To show them what they’re truly capable of and celebrate all of their incredible and different ways of being. We will give you ideas and suggestions, but you are the superhero of this journey.


    Recess to Reset is a guided journal for you to unlock all of the positive stuff you already have inside. A guide to reset your brain to see all you can do, while having a good time. This journal will help you uncover your true superpowers, and the unique, awesome gifts you have to share with the world. It’s a safe place where you can have a blast, be creative, and dream big. You will be able to write what you really need to get out and find fun ways to express yourself. Recess to Reset is meant to inspire you to see all that is possible, no matter your situation, and celebrate you.

    My entire life, I’ve used three main things to inspire me and create happiness. They got me through some really tough times and helped me find an amazing life that I love. That is why I want to share it with you. Now, I don’t like making a big deal out of things, so, I’ve decided to keep things simple and quick. This journal is here to inspire you to shine bright. I wanted something you can do every day to reset your brain and help you create a positive mindset. So, are you ready to find out what my three things are?
    1. Words: I focus on one word every day, a word that reminds me of who I want to be in the world.
    2. Movement: I love to dance!
    3. Journaling: This is how I get out all of my hopes and dreams, fears, and frustrations. I call it Scribble Scrabble. Even before I could write, I would cut out words and pictures from magazines and tape them in my journal. I would also draw stick figures to express my feelings.

    What you believe about yourself and your life truly matters. The first step is to use your imagination to create whatever you want and who you want to be in the world. When you write and draw what is going on in your head, it helps keep you focused, and reminds you of what you want and how you feel. The brain is like a muscle that you want to train every day to get stronger and stronger, just like you would your body. Let’s feed it powerful, positive thoughts to bring out those superpowers.

    So let the journey begin and figure out your superpower!

    S: Strong
    U: Unique
    P: Powerful
    E: Energized
    R: Ready

    About The Author

    Sandy Joy Weston, M.Ed., has been a fixture in the Philadelphia-area fitness circles for thirty years— as an instructor, a trainer, a health club owner, and a media personality. Her mission is to change the world, one smile at a time. She believes that the best way to achieve success in all aspects of life is through habits, positive habits. Sandy uses fitness and her gift of motivation as her tools to help individuals achieve their personal goals. She resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Product Details

    • Publisher: Sky Pony (July 6, 2021)
    • Length: 168 pages
    • ISBN13: 9781510767232
    • Grades: 2 - 6
    • Ages: 6 - 12

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