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Remote Healing

Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field

Foreword by Ervin Laszlo
Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A practical guide to the Sagi method of healing across space and time

• Shows that we can interact with the Akashic information field to diagnose and treat illnesses nonlocally and that the effects are controllable and verifiable

• Details techniques for diagnosing and transferring healing information at a distance, using geometric symbols to treat acute infections and reduce pain, and integrating information medicine with homeopathy and chakra therapy

• Shares the author’s development of her method, including stories of successful remote healings and her interactions with pioneers such as Erich Körbler

Remote healing is healing over space and time. Often called “nonlocal healing,” it is no longer a magical occurrence or a mysterious technique reserved for powerful shamans. Remote healing has moved from magic to science, and it can be learned.

In this practical guide to the Sagi method of information medicine, Maria Sagi, Ph.D., reveals that nonlocal healing is a quantum science that works through the transmission of information and that its effects can be controlled and verified. Drawing on the Akashic information field of Ervin Laszlo, she explains that the universe is not a mechanical system composed of matter--it operates like an overarching network that runs on and is connected by information. Cosmic information “in-forms” and underlies the whole physical world, including the human body. Sharing stories of successful remote healings she facilitated and her interactions with pioneers Erich Körbler, Gordon Flint, and Franz Stern, Sagi shows that we can access the Akashic information field to diagnose illnesses, treat symptoms, and heal the causes of disease, whether we are in the same room as our patient or on the other side of the earth.

Moving beyond the theoretical to the practical, Sagi explains how to diagnose and treat someone with information and how to attune to the information emanating from the patient. She shares techniques for transferring healing information across space and time by using geometric symbols to treat acute illnesses and infections and reduce pain. The author also explores how to integrate information medicine with homeopathy and how to diagnose through photographs, through the chakras, and through morphic patterns in the Akashic information field.

Opening up a new dimension in the art and science of healing, Maria Sagi demonstrates that by working with the Akashic information field we can trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms and restore order to a person’s energy and information systems.


Chapter Six. The Application of Geometric Symbols in Nonlocal Healing Techniques of Transferring Healing Information to the Patient

The first step in nonlocal healing--the same as in local healing--is to establish an accurate diagnosis. (See Chapter 2 for a thorough examination of diagnostic techniques using a bioindicator dowsing rod.) If we examine somebody we know, our job is easy: we concentrate on the person and work just as if he or she were present. We prepare a case history sheet and record the exact time of the examination, together with the name, date of birth, and the address of the patient. Then we record the areas we test and the meridian points one by one.

If we did not meet the patient in person, and he or she only reached out in writing, we need to ask for a photograph and an exact description of the symptoms. It is a good idea to try to talk over the phone or Skype if we can. Having acquired all the above information, we can perform the nonlocal treatment.

The second step of nonlocal healing is choosing the right therapy. In nonlocal healing therapy, I use homeopathic remedies, informed water, and various forms of treatment with symbols, depending on the diagnosis. In treatment through symbols, I use the signs of the vector system and the combination of symbols I have developed (the Sági system).

After we have performed the diagnostic test and decided what treatment to use, we write down this information on the patient’s case history sheet. We also test for the duration of the therapy.

Determining the exact time period is very important, because the healing symbol that I have sent has its effect precisely during this time period, the same as when we draw a symbol on the body: the effect lasts exactly until it is washed off.

In many cases the symbol treatment is needed from an earlier point in time than when the test is performed, which is why the exact beginning of the treatment has to be tested to the precise minute. This is not only possible but also common in nonlocal healing because we don’t work within the dimensions of the physical world.

When the prescribed time period has passed, the healer performs another test to see whether the same symbol is needed for longer, if a new one should be chosen, or if the treatment has been completed.

The Application of the Y-symbol in Combinations of Symbols

I have developed a new combination of symbols to treat both the physical and the psychological causes of the symptoms.

If we do not achieve the desired result with the symbols of the vector system--i.e., the bioindicator swings roughly but not perfectly horizontally--we must keep experimenting to be able to affect the mental factors that are behind the symptoms. This way we can achieve an optimal energetic state for the treated body part.

In my experience, if a patient is suffering from fear, anxiety, or shock as a result of a hit or a fall, or of stress-induced stomach and/or headache, treating the psychological background is necessary.

As I have witnessed the Y-symbol’s ability to release mental stress for decades, I kept experimenting with this symbol. We know from experience that the Y-symbol turns all information received by the body into positive information. When drawn on the body, it intensifies whatever state we are in, good or bad. We have seen beginner students draw the Y-symbol on their aching body parts (e.g., ears), and their pain became unbearably strong. So we must use this symbol with caution, and only use the Y-symbol on a physical level if the treated body part is essentially healthy, it just needs a little reinforcement (e.g., intensifying the energy of the kidney meridian).

The Y-symbol, however, is excellent for treating mental and psychological disharmony. The subject relaxes after a few minutes of application, and their emotional state becomes harmonized and balanced. Children and animals respond to this symbol quite sensitively. If we send Y vibrations toward a crying baby by forming a Y shape with the index and middle fingers of our left hand, while pointing toward the crying baby with the index finger of our right hand, the child will immediately calm down.

We can equally harmonize ourselves by forming a Y with the index and middle fingers of our left hand and place our right palm on the right hemisphere of the brain and repeat the name of the factor or person that causes the stress. Writing the Y-symbol next to a name, for the tested duration, also had a very positive impact on my child patients and my adult patients with anxiety. In the end I started drawing the Y-symbol in front or behind the vector symbols, and the testing showed the desired effect. In time, the new combined symbol system emerged, which allows me to work in a more subtle and nuanced way than with the symbols of the vector system. I always decide through testing which combination of symbols I am to use.


A patient presented a long history of chronic large intestine problems, for which no cure had been found. Testing revealed the movement of the bioindicator according to vector position 3. We tried the symbols of two horizontal parallel lines, three horizontal parallel lines, and four horizontal parallel lines, but they did not bring the desired result. Then, I treated the first point of the large intestine meridian with a combination of symbols, Y and two horizontal parallel lines (Y=), as a result the symptoms quickly disappeared.

The combination of symbols can be drawn directly on the body, but the effect is much stronger and faster if they are used nonlocally. In this case we record the following on the patient sheet:

17 August 2017, 1 PM
18 August 2017, 7 AM

Meridian Point
Large intestine
Large intestine

Applied Symbol
Y= 1

Duration of Treatment

2 days
5 hours

As soon as we commit the treatment to paper, the effect manifests itself. The patient reports pain relief and the termination of physical symptoms. If the cause is psychological, and the conflict behind it is resolved, the physical symptoms also cease.

About The Author

Maria Sagi holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest. The creator of the Sagi method of informational healing and diagnosis, she is the author of 12 books and more than 150 articles and research papers published in Hungarian and translated into English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. The science director for the Club of Budapest, she lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (July 14, 2020)
  • Length: 248 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620559512

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Raves and Reviews

“Current science is going through seismic paradigm shifts suggesting that all existence is consciousness and its modified expressions, that fundamental reality is nonlocal, and that intention is how consciousness organizes its own fulfillment. These revelations lay the basic framework for dormant human potentials such as remote healing. This book will give insight into a phenomenon known in wisdom traditions across the world and now getting the attention of healers and medical practitioners that it deserves.”

– Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of Metahuman

“This pioneering and groundbreaking book introduces the theory and practice of nonlocal healing within an extended scientific framework while clearly explaining the author’s own experience of researching the whole field as well as its history within different cultures. The basis of future advances in a more comprehensive medicine will be energetic and informational rather than simply molecular, as this book convincingly demonstrates.”

– David Lorimer, program director of the Scientific and Medical Network, England

“This book opens a new and important path of remote healing that can reverse disease conditions and invigorate health in many people--anywhere in the world, wherever they are located. This will be the future: quantum medicine.”

– Pier Mario Biava, M.D., coauthor of Information Medicine and founder of Novacell Biotech

“Sagi scientifically presents the methodology of remote healing in her latest work, departing from but not denying its mystical origins. Remote healing is no longer magical but a scientific method, benefiting from a background of decades of research conducted on energy and information theory, wave theory, nuclear physics, and quantum theory.”

– Róbert Csiszár, M.D., the general secretary for the Hungarian Acupuncture Doctors Associat

Remote Healing stands out as a beacon of leading-edge scientific insight and teachable methodology. . . . a work of deep integrity and dazzling importance for the future of healing.”

– James O’Dea, author and former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Sagi’s brilliant, data-rich exploration of nonlocal diagnostic and therapeutic bioinformatics will prove extraordinarily important to the future of medicine. Remote Healing offers a powerful anodyne at once pragmatic and illuminating. Every medical student and practitioner of health in humans--and other species--must read this book.”

– Michael Charles Tobias, Ph.D., ecologist and president of Dancing Star Foundation

“Maria Sagi, Ph.D., provides us with a complex diagnostic and therapeutic system that everyone can learn and use, and she does so in simple and straightforward language with an entertaining style.”

– Erzsébet Tusor, M.D., member of the Ethics Commission of the Hungarian Acupuncture Doctors Asso

“Sagi gives us a remarkably rich study of nonlocal healing methods and how to understand them in the larger settings of science and traditional healing practices. Filled with many examples and personal stories, this book is a joy to read.”

– Allan Leslie Combs, Ph.D., professor of transformative studies at the California Institute of Integr

“The effectiveness of remote healing--so ably and accessibly explained in this important, timely, and much needed book--is now being supported by ever increasing scientific evidence currently validating the primacy of mind and consciousness.”

– Jude Currivan, Ph.D., author of The Cosmic Hologram

“We know electricity and electromagnetic waves exist even if we cannot see them with our eyes; therefore, I am confident nonlocal healing will be proven by the established method of science in the near future. Remote Healing is a historical milestone that offers a new dimension and a new paradigm for medical treatment worldwide.”

– Mitsu Shibata, ambassador of the Club of Budapest, Japan

“We are living in an age where healing for purposes of profit or fame is no longer tenable. Only pure-minded health professionals can assist us in restoring our natural good health. For such people, I believe that Maria Sagi’s new book will be an indispensable tool.”

– Masami Saionji, Goi Peace Foundation chairperson

“This great read with a forward by Ervin Laszlo details techniques for diagnosing and transferring healing information at a distance, using geometric symbols to treat acute infections and reduce pain, and integrating information medicine with homeopathy and chakra therapy.”

– Renee Blodgett, We Blog the World

“This is a truly fascinating book about what can be called quantum medicine- the kind of subtle, self-healing that is rapidly becoming more of a science than an art. It is undoubtedly the future of medicine.”

– Alan Glassman, New Dawn

“This pioneering and ground-breaking book is ahead of its time in introducing the theory and practice of nonlocal healing within an extended scientific framework.”

– David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

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