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Ripley Twists PB: Mighty Machines

Book #2 of TWIST
Published by Ripley Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Ripley’s Twists: Mighty Machines is the latest title in the award-winning Ripley's Twists children’s reference series. Bursting with amazing photography, compelling illustrations, and all-new content, this easy-to-read book presents scientific facts with the unbelievable Ripley stories young readers can’t get enough of. Available individually or as part of a series, Ripley’s Twists non-fiction books have proven popularity in classrooms, libraries, and homes all over the globe. 

Ready, set, go explore the world of mechanical power in Ripley’s Twists: Mighty Machines. Filled with astonishing facts and incredible photos on every page, you'll see everything from micro cars and moster trucks to jet engines and pedal power.

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