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Silent Move


When a young man is trapped in a house by a madman, he’s forced to play according to his captor’s rules—or die trying—in this suspenseful novel from Patrick Senécal, the bestselling author who has sold over a million books worldwide.

After a bike accident, Yannick Bérubé knocks on the door of the nearest house to get help. Inside, he is shocked when he unwittingly stumbles upon a blood-stained room and a man on the verge of death.

Discovered by the owner of the house, Jacques Beaulieu, Yannick is taken prisoner and soon meets his strange family—his devoted and obedient wife, Maude, and their two daughters, the seductive and scheming Michelle and near-catatonic Anne. Signs of Jacques’s obsession with justice and the game of chess soon begin to emerge, and Yannick realizes that playing the game according to Jacques’s rules may be his only means of escape. Can Yannick outplay his captor? Will he manage to gain Maude’s sympathies? Or will he just become another pawn in Jacques’s bizarre world of good and evil?

Chilling, suspenseful, and deftly plotted, Silent Move is a riveting story about what happens when one man tries to manipulate justice, no matter the consequences.

Photograph © Karine Davidson-Tremblay

Patrick Senécal was born in Drummondville, Quebec. He taught literature and cinema for several years, and, fascinated by suspense, fantasy, and terror, began writing to popular and critical acclaim in his native Quebec. Three of his novels have been adapted for film, and three other adaptations are currently under development in Quebec. He lives in Montreal, Canada, with his wife and two children. Visit him at

“Senécal is currently Québec’s best horror author.”

– CFOU FM – Le Voyageur insolite

“An author that no other equals in his ability not only to keep the readers riveted, but also to plunge them in an unsettling state from where they don’t wake up before having devoured the book to its very last page.”

– L’Oeil regional

“Senécal masterfully sets up the thriller’s efficient mechanics, a well-tempered mix of suspense and terror which has made its success. His books are full of tortured and excessive beings, outwardly strong but inwardly tormented. This is the reason why his literary universe is so seductive and so unsettling, and keeps us on the edge of our seats.”

– Accès Laurentides

“The author’s best quality is that he doesn’t flinch from his subject and goes all the way, with all the unsparing, morbid details.”

– Lectures

“Without imitating Stephen King’s style, Patrick Senécal manages to instill as much interest in the reader as does the master of American horror stories.”

– Québec français

“What a great discovery! Patrick Senécal’s universe is simply terrifying, for our greatest enjoyment! Reading this very talented author guarantees lots of extremely pleasurable shivers!”

– CHEY – Rock Détente

“He excels at telling stories, revealing in the building-up of that ultra-precise mechanism which is that of the thriller, oiling each and every cog, listening to the implacable ticking of the words which — well, it must be said, which he uses to manipulate the reader.”

– La Presse

“Senécal writes very efficiently. Action, rhythm, taking hold of the reader, are more important to him than stylistic flourishes. All the better for us.”

– Nuit Blanche

“A Québec author who is a master at unsettling our emotions and taking us very far into the pit of madness.”

– Le Soleil

“Not only does he know the genre as well as the back of his hand but he also has a perfect mastery of its various arrays of smoke and mirrors.”

– Ici

“This is very well done. It owes nothing to Stephen King and, as far as I’m concerned, it is in nothing inferior to Stephen King.”

– Radio-Canada – Indicatif Présent

Praise for Seven Days

“A visceral thriller propelled by the seething, heartbreaking passion of revenge. Senécal holds nothing back, which is what makes reading him feel so dangerous.”


– Andrew Pyper, bestselling author of The Only Child and The Demonologist

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