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Published by Racehorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A bright, illustrated retelling of the classic fairy-tale!

Long before Disney’s animated movie, the German tale of Snow White was told by the Brother Grimm in their collection of fairy tales. In this original story, Snow White is a princess renowned for her beauty throughout the kingdom. Her evil step-mother becomes jealous and orders the royal huntsmen to take her into the woods and kill her. However, moved by Snow White’s innocence, he releases her into the forest and tells her to run far away. Overcome with fear and sorrow, Snow White runs through the forest. She comes across a small cottage and falls straight to sleep across the seven little beds. What a surprise for the owners, the seven dwarves, to arrive home to!
With bright, full-color illustrations and simple text, this picture book is perfect for early readers or as a bedtime story. Introduce your child to the classic story of magic and the power of love in this new version of Snow White!
Introducing a new series from Racehorse for Young Readers! These brightly illustrated and easy-to-read retellings are perfect for introducing your child to classic fairy tales and children’s stories. With simple verses and colorful pictures, your child will love to dive into these magical and intriguing stories. Perfect for beginning readers, or for reading as a family or at bedtime, this brand-new series will bring a smile to everyone’s face—young or old!

About The Author

Racehorse Publishing is an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing devoted to responding rapidly to new market trends. We are attentive to movements and opportunities in the retail and entertainment worlds, and look to turn them into exciting projects of our own. Whether it is developing new books quickly on the latest new game, new interest in a particular period of history, or rediscovering out-of-print classics, Racehorse reacts quickly—often instantly—to produce high-quality books on a wide range of topics.

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