Super Duper Most Ginormous Bubble Kit


This kit comes with a bubble wand, capable of producing bubbles up to twelve feet long and six feet tall. The book includes instructions, bubble recipes, games, and fun things to do. Great fun for the whole family.

First we launched marshmallows. Then, water balloons. Now, Cider Mill Press is proud to release The Super Duper Most Ginormous Bubble Kit, where kids will be able to create gigantic bubbles in their backyard in minutes! The wand included in this kit is make from heavy-duty plastic and nylon, so it will withstand heavy use, which is a good thing, since kids won’t be able to put it down. The book includes easy-to-follow instructions, bubble recipes using safe household ingredients and other items that are easy to find in grocery stores, troubleshooting tips, other gigantic bubble fun ideas, the science of bubbles explained, and how to make wands so your friends can play too!

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