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The Book Bible

How to Sell Your Manuscript—No Matter What Genre—Without Going Broke or Insane

Foreword by Ayesha Pande

A Comprehensive Guide to Publishing Your Book: The basics of the most popular kinds of books, and what you have to know to break in.

In The Book Bible, NY Times best-selling author Susan Shapiro maps out the rules of varied categories to study, first drafts, revisions, editing, agenting and marketing, offering a comprehensive guide to successful authorship. From her experience, the author reveals that getting press or going viral on social media can help a book sell faster. She once worried that publishing twelve books in varied categories—and helping her students out in so many genres—made her a dabbler with literary A.D.D. Yet, she ultimately realized that her versatility had a big upside because she can explain from the inside the differences in making each kind of book. In arenas that she hasn't tackled herself, she asked former students from her writing seminars to weigh in on: mystery, crime, biography, history, children’s picture books, young adult and middle grade.

This book is a valuable guide to becoming a successful book author. Useful for both first-time authors as well as experienced ones. 

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