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The End of Getting Lost

A Novel


A psychologically suspenseful, cunning love story following a young dancer unable to recall the last year of her life after suffering a head injury on her honeymoon, revealing an intimate portrait of love’s powers—as well as its dangers.

The year is 1996—a time before cell phones, status updates, and location tags—when you could still travel to a remote corner of the world and disappear, if you chose to do so. This is where we meet Gina Reinhold and Duncan Lowy, a young artistic couple madly in love, traveling around Europe on a romantic adventure. It’s a time both thrilling and dizzying for Gina, whose memories are hazy following a head injury—and the growing sense that the man at her side, her one companion on this strange continent, is keeping secrets from her.

Just what is Duncan hiding and how far will he go to keep their pasts at bay? As the pair hop borders across Europe, their former lives threatening to catch up with them while the truth grows more elusive, we witness how love can lead us astray, and what it means to lose oneself in love... The End of Getting Lost is “atmospheric, lyrical, and filled with layered insights into the complexities of marriage” (Susie Yang, New York Times bestselling author of White Ivy). “Kirman is wonderfully deft with suspense and plot” (Katie Crouch, New York Times bestselling author of Girls in Trucks) in this “electric page-turner” (Courtney Maum, author of Costalegre and Touch), a novel that is both a tightrope act of deception as much as it is an elegant exploration of love and marriage, and our cherished illusions of both. With notes of Patricia Highsmith, Caroline Kepnes, and Lauren Groff, Robin Kirman has spun a delicious tale of deceit, redemption, and the fight to keep love alive—no matter the costs.

Nina Subin

Robin Kirman studied philosophy at Yale before receiving her MFA in writing from Columbia, where she also taught for several years. Her curiosity about human psychology has led her to combine work in psychoanalysis with writing fiction. Her first novel, Bradstreet Gate, was published by Crown in 2015, and her television series The Love Wave is currently in development.

“This novel is about well-meaning people behaving terribly; about what we’ll do for love—and what we’ll do to protect it; about the choices and sacrifices we make for our passions—artistic, romantic, or otherwise; and it all sparkles in elegant, atmospheric prose and cutting psychological insights. Not just a literary novel, not just a thriller, this book is a thrilling literary adventure.”

—Zachary K., Associate Editor, on The End of Getting Lost

“Skillful…this twisty page-turner delivers.”—Publishers Weekly

“This is a slim and beautifully written novel, more literary than thriller but plot-driven all the same. Readers won’t know who to root for in this story that is ripe for discussion.”—Booklist

"The End of Getting Lost is a beautifully written love story with plenty of twists and turns. I adored going back to a time when we could actually vanish without an electronic trace. And what better place to do so than the shadows of Europe? Robin Kirman is wonderfully deft with suspense and plot. This is a true dark delight."—KATIE CROUCH, New York Times bestselling author of Girls in Trucks 

The End of Getting Lost is atmospheric, lyrical, filled with layered insights into the complexities of marriage and thwarted ambition. I couldn't look away from Duncan and Gina's story.”—SUSIE YANG, New York Times bestselling author of White Ivy

"As enticing and twisty as the covered passageways our heroes use to disappear themselves in Europe, Robin Kirman seduces with this electric page-turner about ambition, deceit, and obsessive love."—COURTNEY MAUM, author of Costalegre and Touch 

“Both wildly beautiful and darkly sinister, The End of Getting Lost unveils the nature of obsession, love, and deceit. Sophisticated and utterly gripping.”—ROSAMUND LUPTON, New York Times bestselling author of Sister, Afterwards, and The Quality of Silence