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Treasure Hunt

Book #2 of Animal Inn
Illustrated by Stephanie Laberis

Another new visitor at the Animal Inn has the residents in a tailspin in this second zany novel in a brand-new chapter book series where the fur—and fun—flies at an animal spa and hotel.

The Animal Inn is an all-inclusive pet resort/hotel/center/spa for animals from dogs to rabbits, cats to ducks, parrots to lizards. From doggie and kitty daycare, to grooming, and group play—you name it, and the Animal Inn has it.

The Inn is run by the Tyler family along with their pets Leopold, the Macaw; Fuzzy and Furry, the gerbils; dogs Dash and Coco; felines Shadow and Whiskers.

The Tyler animals are convinced a pirate with a glittering treasure is visiting the Animal Inn. Will the animals have to walk the plank in order to survive? Arghhh!

Treasure Hunt CHAPTER 1

The day began like any other Saturday morning.

When I padded downstairs, the sun was just coming up. Mom was already in the Welcome Area with a cup of coffee in one hand and a to-do list in the other.

Leopold was on his perch, his feathers neatly groomed. Leopold always likes to look his best.

“Good morning, Leopold,” I said. “Nice day, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Leopold agreed. “Nice and quiet.”

Dad soon came downstairs with an armload of camping equipment.

“Did you find the poles?” Mom asked him.

Dad held up the tent poles. “Got ’em,” he answered. “Are you sure you can manage here alone?”

“I’ll be fine,” Mom said, checking her to-do list. “It’s going to be a quiet day.”

I looked at Leopold. Leopold looked at me. Saturdays at Animal Inn are rarely quiet.

In fact, Saturday is our busiest day. Mom teaches her Polite Puppies class. Dad and Jake host the Furry Pages. That’s when children read aloud to an animal buddy. Then there are grooming appointments and usually a birthday party or two.

Paul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender are a husband and wife writing team, authors of many books for children, including the Animal Inn series, Count on the SubwayMy Subway Ride, and My Taxi Ride. Paul has also cowritten four books with legendary folk musician, Pete Seeger, including Abiyoyo Returns and The Deaf Musicians. Paul and Jennifer have appeared at Lincoln Center, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Virginia Festival of the Book, as well as countless schools, libraries, and museums. They live in Massachusetts.

Photograph by Paul DuBois Jacobs

Stephanie Laberis is a freelance illustrator and character designer for animation. Originally from New England, she now lives in Northern California with her wonderful partner, a couple of felines, and a handful of rodents. Her love for art is rivaled only by her love for animals, and she spends her spare time as a volunteer wildlife rehabber. She loves painting, needle felting, and losing herself in a good video game.

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