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Unicorn University Welcome Collection

Twilight, Say Cheese!; Sapphire's Special Power; Shamrock's Seaside Sleepover; Comet's Big Win

Illustrated by Monique Dong

For those who love magic, happiness, and My Little Pony, the first four adventures in this sparkly chapter book series that follows the trials and triumphs of young foals attending Unicorn University is now available in a paperback boxed set!

It’s Twilight’s first day at Unicorn University, and she’s nervous from the tip of her sparkly horn to the end of her shimmery tail. And when Twilight gets nervous, sometimes she loses control of her magic power, and turns invisible by mistake! But she can’t help her feelings. What if the other unicorns laugh at her power? What if she doesn’t make any friends?

After their eventful first day, Sapphire searches out her own special power, Shamrock tries to catch a ghost, and Comet juggles two passions.

This magical boxed set includes:
Twilight, Say Cheese!
Sapphire’s Special Power
Shamrock’s Seaside Sleepover
Comet’s Big Win

Monique Dong studied to become an animator, but soon realized she had a love for illustrating children’s books and has been following that dream ever since. Born in South Africa, she now lives in China with her husband and baby boy.

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