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Water and Fire Survival Handbook

Your Guide to Providing Safe Drinking Water and Starting a Campfire With Different Methods

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Water and Fire Survival Handbook  — Your Guide to Finding Safe Drinking Water and Creating Fire in Almost Any Survival Situation, from a New York Times Bestselling Author and Survival Expert

New York Times bestselling author and survival school founder Tim MacWelch shows us how to find and provide safe drinking water in survival situations, and how to start a camp fire with a wide range of techniques and materials. In Water and Fire Survival Handbook, MacWelch illustrates and guides readers through the common supplies needed for gathering water and the knowledge necessary to know where to look to obtain water.  Learn how to find, disinfect, avoid cross-contamination, and store water in a wide range of environments and survival situations, and also, learn how to get by with less than you might have imagined. And since water and fire are closely tied in survival, you’ll also learn how to start a fire with modern methods (like matches and lighters) as well as ancient methods (such as friction fire techniques and focusing sunlight). Throughout this detailed handbook you’ll find:

  • How to locate water on any landscape
  • Effective ways to collect precipitation
  • Traditional and modern water disinfection techniques
  • How to find the necessary fuels to start fires
  • The best ways to use modern fire ignition methods, like ferrocerium rods and lighters
  • Primitive fire starting methods like the bow drill, flint & steel and the bamboo fire saw
  • How to maintain a fire once it’s established and how to make sure it’s out when you are done  

Water and Fire Survival Handbook will give readers much more than just the knowledge to light a fire and provide safe drinking water; it provides tools to become a problem-solver and think outside the box in any situation.

Praise for Water and Fire Survival Handbook

“MacWelch is able to take very serious, sometimes even dire, survival scenarios and write about them in an accessible way. His writing is easy to digest and most importantly, it makes you want to get out and practice the skills and concepts he covers. His latest book should be mandatory reading for all outdoorsmen and women.”—Alex Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Outdoor Life magazine

“Tim MacWelch clearly walks the walk and knows firsthand what's involved with staying alive in the backcountry in addition to being a talented teacher who brilliantly relays the essential know-how for surviving in the wilds. Anyone who ventures outdoors should soak up the field-tested information in this practical handbook!"—Tony Nester, Author & Owner of Ancient Pathways Survival School

"Survival is more than just guns, knives, and self-defense techniques. It’s also knowing how to stave off waterborne pathogens and create fire. That’s why this book is a must-read. Tim's writing is both incredibly engaging and packed full of life-saving wisdom."—Patrick Vuong, owner of Tiga Tactics and former head editor of Recoil Offgrid Magazine

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