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Wonders of the Night Sky

Astronomy Starts with Just Looking Up

Illustrated by Jan Bielecki

About The Book

Astronomy starts with just looking up in this luminously illustrated nonfiction middle grade guide to the spectacular treasures of the night sky from an award-winning physicist and astronomer.

For millennia, curious people have looked to the sky and wanted to understand the wonders that appeared. Readers can connect to the many parts of our universe visible to the naked eye and make inspiring connections to the science behind the stellar backdrop with this well-researched book that gives a definitive look at the marvels above us with accessible facts and dazzling illustrations.

About The Author

Photo courtesy of author

Professor Raman Prinja, Departmental Head of Physics and Astronomy at University College London (UCL), is a preeminent astronomer as well as being a passionate advocate for outreach to children of all backgrounds to invite them into the fold of astronomy. He is an inspiring figure for children around the world, and his passion for astrophysics is infectious. His expertise is internationally admired, and he loves to spread the joy of learning through events and community engagement.

About The Illustrator

Photograph by Inessa Tsulimova

Jan Bielecki is a Polish Swedish illustrator and designer living in London. He mainly works with children’s books and has illustrated fiction, picture books, and nonfiction. Some of the topics he has covered include the human anatomy, wrestling trolls, the scope of the universe, and slimy monsters. He illustrated and designed Stephen and Lucy Hawking’s Unlocking the Universe, as well as many of the most exciting covers put out by Puffin UK in recent years.

Why We Love It

“One of the biggest things Professor Raman Prinja wants to emphasize about Wonders of the Night Sky specifically, is that it’s his way of extending an invitation to astronomy to children in all life circumstances. Prinja takes very seriously his role as an immigrant man of color at the top of his field to help spark the fire in the next generation of explorers, wherever they may get their start!”

—Lindsay B., Editor-in-Chief, on Wonders of the Night Sky

Product Details

Raves and Reviews

"Wonders of the Night Sky is presented with care and attention to detail and I found it to be a great resource. It is perfect for teaching children a basic understanding of the universe and awakening their interest in science. Ramon Prinja displays his love for astronomy and his explanations are fascinating. The variety of topics that he handles in such a concise book is impressive. The illustrations are fantastic and detailed, while at the same time, they are eye-catching. This book will awaken young readers' interest in astronomy."

Diana Lopez, Readers' Favorite

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