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Your Brain Explained: How Your Brain Works, and Why it Works that Way

// STEM Learning about the Human Brain // Fun and Educational Facts about Human Body


Ever wanted to know how a neuron works? How anxiety and depression affect your brain? How to use Jedi mind tricks in real life? We’ve got all that and more in this witty and educational book about the brain.

Alie and Micah Caldwell created Neuro Transmissions because learning about the brain doesn't have to be scary, you know? It also doesn't have to be boring. Leave the textbooks behind and pick up this book, from the creators of the highly successful and always entertaining YouTube series.

When you choose to read a book on the human brain, that’s your brain deciding to learn about itself. Give it a hand: Read this book, and let a neuroscienctist and a psychologist teach you about the organ that makes you who you are.

Alie Caldwell is the resident neuroscientist at Neuro Transmissions. She graduated from MIT in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and obtained her PhD at UCSD in Neuroscience. Currently, Alie serves as the inaugural Bigelow Science Communications Fellow at UC San Diego, where she develops interdisciplinary science communication efforts for the university.

Micah Caldwell, her husband, is the psychology consultant and video editor at Neuro Transmissions. Micah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in California, has an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and currently provides therapy to primarily college students in San Diego.