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Welcome to The Book Drop, a website highlighting upcoming adult books that are essential for every library collection!

We created The Book Drop for YOU. This is your guide to our upcoming season, meant to be a valuable resource for readers' advisories and collection development. We encourage you to download our seasonal Book Drop brochure, featuring staff picks, title recommendations hand-picked by the Education & Library team, and LibraryReads information. Also, be sure to check out the seasonal digital catalogs, watch our librarian preview, and discover where you might be able to find us at upcoming events!

What are you going to read next? Tell us about it! And if you’re a youth services librarian, be sure to check out The Book Pantry to find recommendations and resources in K–12 literature.

Summer 2023

Summer 2023 Digital Catalog

Our seasonal digital catalog, highlighting our top books for your libraries!

Summer 2023 Book Drop Brochure

Our seasonal Book Drop brochure featuring staff picks, hand-picked title recommendations, and LibraryReads information.

Summer 2023 Librarian Preview

Meet the S&S staff, discover upcoming titles, and listen to author and featured speaker Patti Callahan Henry

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