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Super Turbo and the Fountain of Doom

Book #9 of Super Turbo
Illustrated by George O'Connor

About The Book

Turbo battles an overflowing water fountain of doom in the ninth Super Turbo book!

The Superpet Superhero League has finally figured out how to reach the water fountain all the students use. This is so much easier than battling Whiskerface and his Rat Pack every time they go to the cafeteria to quench their thirst! But as soon as the last superpet has taken their turn at the drinking fountain, they all realize they have a big problem. The water won’t stop flowing. Is this actually a terrifying Fountain of Doom?! How will the superpets stop the fountain from flooding the school? And which of the pets can even swim?! Find out in Super Turbo’s latest adventure!

With easy-to-read language, illustrations, and comic panels on almost every page, the Super Turbo chapter books are perfect for emerging readers!


Super Turbo and the Fountain of Doom

There’s the secret right now, just sitting there in Classroom C. No, not that second-grade student. Behind him, in the hamster cage. What’s that you say? A hamster cage is a strange place to find a secret? Not if the secret is, in fact, a hamster!

Turbo the hamster leaned back in his comfy cage, his arms crossed behind his head. One tiny hamster foot rested on the opposite tiny hamster knee. He whistled to himself, daydreaming about what a very lucky hamster he was. He had his own cage, all the food and water he could ever want, lots of fans, and a whole classroom to protect. That’s right: protect.

You see, the secret is that Turbo is no ordinary hamster. He is secretly the amazing, the incredible, the stupendous SUPER TURBO!

Suddenly Turbo got a strange tickly feeling up the back of his neck.

About The Author

Lee Kirby has the proportionate strength and abilities of a man-sized hamster. He spends his days chewing up cardboard and running in giant plastic bubbles throughout his very own fortress of solitude in Brooklyn, New York. And, no, he is not related to world-famous Captain Awesome author, Stan Kirby. Or is he?

About The Illustrator

George O’Connor is the creator of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel series Olympians, in addition to serving as the illustrator of the Captain Awesome series. He is also the author and illustrator of the picture books Kapow!Ker-splash, and If I Had a Triceratops. He resides in his secret Brooklyn, New York, hideout, where he uses his amazing artistic powers to strike fear in the hearts of bad guys everywhere!

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